All in One Tool
All in One Tool
All in One Tool
All in One Tool
All in One Tool
All in One Tool

All in One Tool

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  • Comes with tool, easy step by step instruction booklet and free video option.
  • The tool works on all the Mark series I, II, III and 22/45 model pistols without altering the gun.
  • Allows you to clean all the recommended parts.
  • Protects your gun and fingers from scratches.
  • Ruger Mark series .22 pistol tool for disassembling and reassembling, and Magazine loader. TTAG gave a 5 star rating.
  • You can also purchase this tool on Amazon!


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The Ruger Mark series .22 pistols have renowned popularity, until cleaning time. We have all heard and read the stories about how frustrating disassembling and reassembling can be. Too many of us have just avoided it.

No more!

Now with the user-friendly All In One Tool, there is a simpler, safer, and faster method to clean our guns. The tool works on all the Mark series I, II, III, and 22/45 model pistols without altering the gun. TTAG (The Truth About Guns) said, “Let’s cut to the chase: if you own one of these guns, you should own this tool.”

To enjoy our guns for years, we need to open all of the Rugers’ recommended access points to do a complete cleaning. Your All in One Tool will allow you to accomplish this task.

Each tool comes with an instructional booklet. If you have a new gun or excessively dirty pistol we recommended accessory stand option. This is the Tool only option. See Tool Stand combo. The stand frees up your second hand, allowing for more pressure to be placed on the durable tool, which even stands up to hammering if necessary. The magazine loader will save your fingers for hours of enjoyable shooting.

The easy to follow instructional video demonstrates how using the innovative tool makes it possible to reduce steps, while offering better protection for our guns and fingers from scratches. The Right Tool Company will send you a free instructional video clip (6 min); simply follow instructions in the included booklet, to receive your video. Now you will be able to get your gun apart and back together again! . From seasoned gun owners to first timers; they all agree this specifically engineered, made in the USA tool, works!

3 reviews for All in One Tool

  1. Sheldon

    I have 2 Ruger Mark IIIs that I clean a lot, and this tool really helps. So why not 5 stars? First, the end of the tool that’s supposed to help open the Mainspring latch doesn’t fit into the groove on my gun. However, a paper clip works just as well. The tool does make it much easier to remove a sticky Mainspring, although you may still have to use a hammer. I thought I could do it with my hands using this tool, but I still need a hammer. The tool does make it easy to remove and replace the recoil spring, so that’s nice. Again, using my bare hands I was not able to replace the mainspring assy, so again I just used a hammer without the tool. Most people have trouble reassembling the gun and the tool does help, but the tool is not a magic wand. If you’re still having trouble go over to YouTube and check out the videos. Because of my Mark IIIs I keep a small plastic hammer in my gun bag. Whatever, don’t be afraid of taking down your Ruger Mark .22. The videos, and a hammer, help a lot. ALWAYS make sure the gun is unloaded before you clean it and function check it when you finish. If the bolt won’t pull back you’ll have to remove and replace the Mainspring assy. Not a big deal.

    Update: Okay, looks like they make two different models and I got the wrong one. So, don’t do that. If you do, you can make it fit by carving the end with a knife and a file. Worked for me.

  2. Thomas E Marshall Jr

    This tool should be considered a MUST HAVE for Mark Series pistol owners. I have a MKII. With this tool cleaning my pistol has become routine. And, I do so weekly. Additionally, the included instructions and pictures are a HUGE help. Especially when learning the process. I wish I could award 10 stars.

  3. Kirstie Marquardt

    With the help of a small mallet and this awesome tool, as well as the six minute video instructional video I disassembled a MkIII completely and reassembled it successfully. The seller/inventor of the tool has been extremely helpful, and I’ll absolutely recommend this product. It’s a bargain at twice the price and everybody who has been told how much fun and how accurate the Ruger .22 pistols are, but not how much of a pain to take apart and re-assemble, should get it, as well as this little mallet TEKTON 30812 Double-Faced Soft Mallet, 35 mm

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